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Staples and Stitching Wire
Electric Stapler Staples
Use only Electric Stapler Staples in your electric staplers and automated bookletmaking machinery. These staples are specifically designed with a precision ground/chisel tip and high tensile strength legs to withstand the demands of our automated production machinery. If the manufacturer-recommended staples are not used in your machinery, extensive damage will eventually occur to your staple heads.
Electric Stapler Staples Quantity Part Number
Staples 1/4", EBS 5,000/Box GSUP-210/6EBS
Staples 1/4", EBS 5,000/Box (10 Pack) GSUP-210/6EBS x 10
Staples 5/16", EBS 5,000/Box GSUP-210/8EBS
Staples 5/16", EBS 5,000/Box (10 Pack) GSUP-210/8EBS x 10
Staple Cartridge 1/4" 5,000/Cartidge GSUP-50050
Staple Cartridge 1/4" 5,000/Cartidge (12 Pack) GSUP-50050 x 12


Stitcher / Book Binding Wire
Used in 1/4" stitchers (Binderymate, Model A/P) and most bookletmakers (including ISP/Interlake, Bourg, Duplo, and Horizon). To avoid damage to your stitching heads, insist on quality OEM stitching wire for your machinery. Quality wire will be self-lubricating, straight, and will not become brittle or flake extensively.

Stitcher/Book Binding Wire Part Number
Internet Price
Stitching Wire, 25rd (5 lb coil) GSUP-417-0025
Stitching Wire, 25rd (5 lb coil) (10/Case) GSUP-417-0025 x 10
Stitcher Cassette F/BDF (Each) CPB-9158017
Stitcher Cassette F/BDF (2-Pack) CPB-9158017 x 2
Stitcher Cassette F/BDF (10/Case) CPB-9158017 x 10



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