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352S Air Suction

- Continuous reloading from the top.
- New, heavy duty design for easier installation.
- Patented polyurethane-foam rollers make fold roller pressure setting unnecessary.
- Two fold plates and suction feeder are standard.
- Capable of standard folds and variations.
- Slitting, perforating, and scoring attachments are available.
- Register system, crossfold, and extended delivery options are available.


Includes pictured cabinet

This folding system is versatile, and can be used in large offices, in-plants, and quick-print shops with high-volume folding needs. It can fold a wide variety of paper, including digital print and coated stocks, which are unsuitable for friction-feed models. The MBM 352S uses a bottom-feed, top-loading air suction system for simple operation. Its heavy-duty design features non-flexing side frames, and is equipped with needle bearings for production work where accuracy and dependability are important.

S p e c i f i c a t i o n s

Maximum Speed 30,000 sheets per hour
Paper Size 3-11/32" x 4-23/32" to 12-19/32" x 17 23/32"
Paper Weight 13 to 110 lbs.
Electrical 115V 60Hz
Size 22-1/4" x 43-1/2" x 51-1/4"
Shipping Weight 312 lbs.


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