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Reasons to choose the
Medalist 870 Folder

The Challenge folder was introduced in 1989. Challenge engineering is continually striving to make the 870 and 820 the leaders in tabletop folding. The latest Challenge folder introduced in 1996, the Medalist 870, combines superior engineering with operator convenience to provide outstanding folding ease and productivity.

The Challenge Medalist is UL approved. The features of this folder include:

  • Rugged 3/8" side frames provide for heavy-duty use. Additionally, centralized 3/8" outboard side frames firmly secure the nest of rollers. The five steel tie bars are 5/8" thick, securely bolting and locking the side frames together. No shims are used during production. The frame specifications are exact or the frame is scrapped.

  • 1-1/2" diameter combination rollers provide a positive yet gentle grip on the paper, a tight fold and won't curl heavy stocks like smaller diameter rollers.

  • Ball bearings nest the main roller and the slitter shafts. The idler rollers are in oil-lite bronze bearings.

  • Steel gears drive the rollers quietly and with precision.

  • Caliper settings are easy to use and provide positive sheet control through the rollers.

  • Control panel has been centralized for easy access from either side of the folder.

  • Total counter to 99,999 is standard equipment, not an add-on.

  • Jam detector is standard equipment at the delivery and will prevent a little problem from becoming a major one. Among table top folders, only the Medalist has this time and stock saving feature.

  • Long delivery is optional and provides an additional 14" of delivery length.

  • Slitter shafts are a rugged 7/8" diameter, and may be easily accessed without removing the side covers to change perf, slit and score attachments.

  • Standard attachments include one thin scoring blade, two scoring blocks, one rubber scoring tire, one 41-tooth perf blade, one perf stripper, one perf block, one blade holder and two extra hold-down shoes.

  • Gast pumps are provided by the leading USA pump manufacturer. They are sealed and maintenance free except for routine dry filter cleaning. The ring compressor and vacuum unit are separate to improve efficiency and reduce noise.

  • Feeder accepts 4" x 6" to 14" x 20" stock in a lift up to a full two inches. Multiple air ports on each side guide insure the paper will be floated for problem-free feeding. The feeder is hinged to provide easy access to the down fold plate. The side-mounted vacuum advance controls the vacuum position of the sucker wheel. The sheet separator is metal and fully adjustable both vertically and horizontally to provide accurate feeding for a wide variety of paper stocks.

  • Stock weight specifications range from 9# bond to 65# cover. It will fold heavier stock, but the quality and grain of the paper will determine whether the finished product is acceptable to the customer.

  • Speed of up to 30,000 sheets per hour (SPH) of 8-1/2" x 11" stock.

  • Fold plates are anodized aluminum with dual control of the fold stop to provide strength and accuracy. The plates feature channel construction that reduces static and friction for more consistent folding. Other table top folders commonly have flat stamped plates. The swing deflector moves into or out of position as it is needed. There is not a loose deflector piece to be misplaced.

  • Sound hoods are standard and enclose both the up and down fold plates.

  • Right angle folding may be added at any time. It will allow for either left hand or right hand delivery at no additional cost. During peak folding demand, the right angle can be converted to a parallel folder by adding a feeder, deliver and pump. A right angle may be added to any SRA3 already in the field.

  • Made in the USA. The Challenge Medalist folder is designed and manufactured in Grand Haven, Michigan. This eliminates problems with foreign currency fluctuations, international shipping schedules and parts availability.

The Challenge Medalist 870 folder provides many of the features of a floor model folder in an economical table top design. Currently, the Challenge Medalist is the best tabletop folder value on the market. See a side-by-side comparison of the Challenge Medalist and its closest competitor.



Medalist 870

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