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Benefits of Maintenance Contracts

Machinery is properly maintained in a professional fashion so that down time is minimized. If and when the machinery does fail, we will treat the situation as a first-priority repair. It is not uncommon to find our technicians working very early in the morning and very late into the evening, well after most support companies have gone home.

Toll-free technical support by telephone. We will be available to support all contract customers. We have cordless phones and cell phones, and demonstration machinery at our facility which allows us to walk customers through most operations first hand.

Direct contact with your service representatives by means of a toll-free telephone number, two forms of e-mail, and cell phone with voice mail and paging capabilities.

Over sixty years of technical experience between the Service Manager, Russell Schmitt, and our Lead Technician, Richard Estrada.

Extended hours and 24-hour technical support by request. We offer multiple-shift contracts and will provide 24-hour support by special arrangement. Customers under extended coverage service arrangements are given dedicated pager numbers to contact our technicians.



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